Does your hotel need renovation?
       We will do it!

We know, you prefer the quality job that’s why we want to introduce our renovation service for your rooms and bathrooms.

We offer a very convenient way of work which does not interfere with the continuity of work in your hotel. A day we can do one, two or three guest rooms, depending on hotel occupancy and your requirements.

Our basic offer includes labor:
  1. Preparing walls for painting or wallpapering:
    -removes old wallpaper (if installed),
    -repair of small cracks and holes in the walls,
  2. Painting or installing wallpaper.
You need more – no problem. We can also: painting ceiling, painting trim, moldings, doors, change toilet, sink, ...
We can talk about any additional work.

We offer low price – the final cost of labor (elementary preparation and wallcovering) of the room is from $250.00, of the bath – from $50.00.The price depends on types of work, size and condition of rooms.
Also, if you have more rooms: every 10 rooms – one room we will do for free (you pay only materials).

 If you are interested, please contact us by email or by phone.We will come to you and we will discuss all the details.

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